Will you regret your journey?

April 16, 2023

When you reach the end and look back on your life what will you feel? Fulfillment knowing that you lived your life with real purpose and meaning? Or will you regret your journey?


There’s a journey

It’s called life

First you begin

Then one day you reach the end

(The Past)

It’s been a journey

All this time

There has been days and

Nights of many lows and highs

But what have you done with

Your life so far?

Have you got so lost?

So far gone you don’t know where you are?

(The Present)

Climbing up some mountains

Walking through deserts

Swimming in rivers

There’s so many ways a journey takes you

But what are you doing?

As you walk the path?

Are you even walking?

Or are you just sitting watching time pass?


Hey get up!

You have a purpose!

Something you can’t run from!

A journey’s not done till it is done!

(The Future)

This is a journey

And the road goes on

But keep in mind that

Whatever that’s left won’t last that long

Once it’s all over

Looking over your shoulder

Did it mean something?

Or did you regret that journey?

(Looking back)

Your life replays before you…